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Clients Tell Their Stories

Hiring Leadgenz was a great decision for us.
Collaborating with IC Innovations helped us get to our next funding round. With the help of their insights and expertise, we successfully navigated the health tech industry and forged strategic partnerships, culminating in the launch of our first in-market pilot.
Anuj Patel
Chief Executive Officer
Motto Health
Hiring Leadgenz was a great decision for us.
Iguana Care Innovations has been an invaluable partner in our startup journey. Their personalized and insightful approach, industry expertise, and data-driven strategies have up-leveled our go-to-market plan. We didn’t know what we didn’t know and their deep understanding of our target audience helped us design a tailored demand gen campaign that’s generating pipeline.
Patrick Doyle
Chief Strategy Officer
Aliro Healthcare
Hiring Leadgenz was a great decision for us.
I can't recommend Iguana Care Innovations enough! Their connections have been so valuable to our tech-oriented team. They've played a crucial role in refining our messaging, go-to-market strategy, and building connections with awesome partners and customers. We're always blown away by their dedication, professionalism, and the incredible results they've delivered.
Manuel Prado

Ready to ignite your sales pipeline?

IC Innovations is dedicated to connecting you with individuals who can propel your business. Unlock fresh growth and success opportunities through strategic networking with us.

What to expect

We’ll get to know your business

From day one, we dive into understanding your business and product, the problems you solve, your competitors, your ideal customers, and your niche within the industry.

Then, we’ll build your flight plan

Based on our research, we’ll tailor a plan based on where you are today and where you need to go in the near future (3-6 months).

Together we’ll prepare for takeoff

At a minimum, your plan will include a detailed overview of partnering with IC Innovations, a needs assessment, a roadmap for quick hits and wins, and an initial list of targets for prospecting and introductions via our team.

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